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What Is Contained in the California Privacy Right Act (CPRA)

Stay compliant with local and global laws – the easy way.  

The California Privacy Right Act (CPRA) E-Book is a comprehensive resource for all California employers to ensure compliance with this new law that takes effect on January 1, 2023. 

CPRA Compliance Explained

A step-by-step guide to following CPRA requirements in 2023. 

If you are an operator of a business or an organization in California, you must comply with California Privacy Right Act (CPRA).

Provide Consumers with Notice of Their Right to Action.

Your users can take private action against your business if you are not compliant with CPRA rules.

The Difference Between CCPA and CPRA

CCPA and CPRA are two different laws that apply to California residents and business owners. Find out how they differ and what you should do to ensure you’re staying compliant with both.

Keep Sensitive Personal Information Safe

“Sensitive personal information” means a person’s medical or health information that is not publicly available, including genetic and biometric data; sexual orientation or sexual and gender identity; political affiliations; trade union membership; or the commission, investigation, or prosecution of a crime.



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