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Top 10 Cookie Consent Comparison

Cookies are delicious – but complying with them tastes even better.  

Cookies are little pieces of text that websites can place on your computer or mobile device. They help store information about your preferences so that the site can provide a better experience for you. However, many people don't like how cookies use their information without permission or knowledge.   

How can we change that? Give me 2 minutes.  

All cookie banners are not created equal

Adzapier vs. Competition 

We offer services you can’t get from others, including session recording and geo-location.  


Want your cookie banner to look like you? We’ve got your back. Customize it to fit in with your website so it’s an added perk to your services rather than an obstruction.  

Choices, choices, choices 

We all want choices. As business owners or marketers, we all desire the same thing: transparency, clarity and knowledge. Your customers want the same!  

You have choices. Now, choose the best.  

Don’t settle for less.  

top 10 cookies mockup