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A Marketer’s Guide to the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

Get ready for a win-win solution for marketers and consumers    

Trustworthy and predictable data flows? Yes, please! As more data privacy laws are enacted around the world, it’s time to come to an agreement. Digital business is conducted internationally. Both marketers and consumers deserve the right to know what is – and isn’t – acceptable.    

Turns Out, More is Better

Updated data inventories = higher quality  

Capture the customers who really want your product – and show off your skills to those who didn’t know about you before! Keeping your data inventories fresh will ensure marketers always have the information they need, and consumers aren’t barraged with ads they are no longer interested in.  

International data transfers can be a breeze 

With so many similarities in data privacy laws around the globe, once you have a grasp of the basics, it’s easy to hone in on the details.  

One step forward, no steps back 

Understanding international protocols can help you keep your foot in the game when it comes to emerging or changing data privacy laws.  

The high road has its name for a reason  

Use the law to your advantage. Prove your value as a business by following things like GDPR Standard Contractual Clauses, and more.    

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is a Win  

Get familiar with it, and help your business get ahead by reading the eBook