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Healthcare Data- The Importance of Privacy and Protection

How healthcare data can pose risks for users if not handled properly and what steps can be taken to ensure its privacy and compliance. 

Privacy Compliance for Healthcare & Healthtech

The Big Data 

It makes it possible for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations to collect and analyse massive amounts of patient data.

HIPAA Compliance is not enough

Healthcare organizations must develop and implement policies and procedures to protect patient health information (PHI).  Also, any online data through Apps or Website comes under cookie law.  

Big Data to Data Privacy

Access Control: Governance policies, protocols, and technologies ensure only authorized users can access data files or other resources. 

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Healthcare data is ranked at the top when it comes to the sensitivity of data for anyone. Having no control or consent over the data results in reputational damages and fines as well.  

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