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The Agency Guide to GDPR

Get in compliance with the gold standard of data privacy laws.   

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was one of the first widespread and comprehensive data privacy laws in the world. It helps give consumers control over how their data is shared and stored. It also holds business and website owners accountable for handling and processing that information.  
Now more than ever, lawmakers are enforcing these laws. Non-compliance comes with hefty fines and penalties – so it’s better to stay on the safe side of the law and protect your business before it’s too late.  

GDPR Compliance in Minutes

Opt-In Made Easy  

Keep your email marketing lists in tip-top shape by ensuring that everyone you contact has consented. Find out how you can streamline the opt-in process to get higher quality, better targeted leads.


Automate the Smart Way 

Use powerful automation tools that not only take consent – but help you manage revocation so users aren’t getting unwanted emails or phone calls.  

Attract Attention – Lawfully

Stay compliant with GDPR while using new ways of catching potential customers’ eyes. Stop thinking outside the box and think inside the box. The pop-up box, that is.  

Handle Information Requests Like A Pro  

Leverage your use of automation, opt-in records, and consent preference dashboard to give your end users the information they want within minutes.  

GDPR is here to stay. When your business is compliant, it can be here to stay, too.  

Stay GDPR compliant and improve your marketing strategy. Our eBook makes it simple!  

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